Change Clipart on Our Premade Templates

Terms for Clipart Approval

Prior to purchasing clipart and your template, please contact us at [email protected]

If we do not have a set on file already, you will need to purchase the clipart that you want added to your template. You will need to provide a link to where you purchased your images so we can

(1) confirm that the artist allows his/her images for commercial use and web templates and

(2) determine if a separate license is required for web design, logos, and/or social media branding images and

(2) create a credit link on your template.

*Important: If clipart is only allowed for personal use, we will need written permission from the artist. Albemarle PR is providing a service of creating a customized design, so we only use clipart approved for commercial use and use on web templates.

We will not permit requests for…

  • Clipart that may have copyright restrictions. (Examples: Disney, Marvel, etc.)
  • Clipart from freebie sites online. These sites often pull clipart from many sources without the permission of the artist.

Clipart File Types

 Most clipart designers offer PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Look for EPS or AI files if you would like the colors changed to match your template.

Cost of Changing Clipart

  • We do not charge to remove clipart from our premade templates.
  • The fee for changing clipart is $6.
  • We might have clipart on file that will work for your request. If not, you will be responsible for purchasing the clipart.
  • Some clipart may have separate license requirements for logos and social media branding. (Typically you will see artists mention information about a no-credit license and/or a logo license.)

Contact us prior to purchasing clipart and your template at [email protected] Purchasing the Clipart Change Upgrade is not a guarantee that we will use your clipart choice.

Recommended Clipart Artists

The following artists allow their clipart images to be used commercially on web templates. There may be additional fees for licenses if you’d like to use the clipart for logos and/or social media branding images. Albemarle PR will earn a small commission for our referral if you use these links.