Blogger Custom Design

Basic Package – Phase I Information

Thank you for purchasing the Basic Package for a custom design using the Blogger platform. We’re so exited to get stated on a custom design for you!

Phase I

During Phase I, we’ll be discussing colors, fonts, and the overall theme of your custom design. You can send your site details by email to [email protected].

Your Site Details:

Blog Title

  • What will your blog title be?
  • Would you like to include a description/tagline?
  • If you’re planning to use a custom domain (, have you checked to make sure it’s available?

Social Media Icons

  • Would you like your icons to link to popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc.?
  • Icons can also be coded for your school website and Teachers Pay Teacher shop.
  • We will need the links to your pages when you have them ready. (Do not send your login information.)

About Me Image

The about me image will appear in the sidebar area. It includes a photo of you with a short paragraph of text. The paragraph of text can be editable if you’re OK with the font that’s used in your blog posts. If you want something with extra styling, it will be saved as an image that you can’t edit on your own. (You will need to contact us to edit your photo or styled about me text.)

About Me Images

Post Signature

The signature will appear after your post content. It can include just your name or also a short phrase.

Widget Titles

These are the titles that appear on the right column of your blog. Examples includes: Archives, Newsletter, Favorite Sites, Follow Me, Search, etc. If you’d like editable titles, the font options are limited to Google Fonts. As you add new widgets in the sidebar or footer area, the title will automatically appear. (You can look at our premade templates for Blogger to see examples.) If you want more styling with multiple fonts and graphics, we’ll need to save your titles as an image. These will not be editable by you.

Sidebar Widget Titles

Menu Links

The menu links are editable directly from your Blogger Dashboard. We can add them for you when we install the template, but you don’t need to worry too much about the specific links you’ll need.

Design Planning:


Do you have specific colors in mind? You can browse Pinterest and Design Seeds for color ideas. You can provide us with a couple of collections you’re considering and we’ll provide drafts using the colors.


  • It’s helpful if you can let us know if you’re considering a blog title that includes kid fonts or something more professional. Are you interested in a combination of a block and script font?
  • We have popular fonts on file for Kimberly Geswein Fonts, Kaitlynn Albani, Math & Glitter, KB3 Teacher, Hello Fonts, and Amy Groesbeck.
  • We cannot provide you with fonts used on your design. You will need to purchase a license to use them for your own projects. A license for commercial use is required if you’ll earn money from what you make using the fonts.
  • Fonts that appear on your blog content (blog posts, blog pages, sidebar area, and footer area) are limited to Google Fonts.


Interested in watercolor textures, glitter, and/or foil textures? Let us know so we can discuss options for including them in your design and possibly your clipart selection.


We try to use clipart we have on file to keep your cost down. Depending on what you’re considering, though, it may need to be purchased separately. If you’d like to add clipart, please let us know what theme you’re considering. Examples: School supplies, Animals, Pineapples, etc.

If you already have clipart that you’d like to use, we’ll need to verify that the artist allows it on web designs and for commercial use. Send us a link to where you purchased the clipart so we can check the terms of use and determine what licenses may be required to use the images.


  • We like to take a look at sites you love so we can get an idea of what you’d like to see on your own site. You can send us links with some details about what you like.

Here’s a list you can copy and paste into an email to [email protected]:


Social Media Links:

About Me Text:


Widget Titles:

Menu Links:

Here are links to colors that I like:

I would like to use fonts similar to:

I am/am not interested in watercolor/glitter/foil textures in my design.

I love the following sites:

This is what I like about them: