Increase Email Subscribers with Lead Magnets


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Lead Magnet Ideas List

To gain email subscribers through your blog, your content should be relevant, high quality, and help provide solutions to problems. Building an email list is not easy so it’s important to have something that will entice them to sign up.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

In addition to quality content, you can provide your readers with even more value by offering free instant download files in exchange for subscribing to your email list. How many times have you discovered a helpful blog post that solved a problem that you were researching? Did you notice a special offer that provided additional help such as a handy checklist or digital toolkit?

A lead magnet does not have to be a lengthy eBook or take a long time to create. It should help the subscriber quickly and be easy to read while still providing value.

Know Your Audience

To get higher conversions on your email subscriptions, your lead magnets should be of interest to your blog audience. Rather than offering one lead magnet for your entire site, consider offering different ones based on the content of specific topics you discuss.

Be Clear and State What They Will Receive

When you offer lead magnets in exchange for an email address or any other personal information, you must state exactly what the subscriber will receive. You cannot be vague or misleading.

What to Use to Deliver Files for Lead Magnet

We recommend Covertkit for embedding forms and creating automated emails to your subscribers.

15 Ideas for Lead Magnets

  1. Checklist
  2. Template or Outline
  3. Toolkit
  4. Planner or Calendar
  5. Workbook
  6. Cheat Sheet, Blueprint, Mind Map
  7. Tutorial
  8. Short eBook
  9. Resource List
  10. Printable or Editable PDF
  11. Webinar Access
  12. Email Course
  13. Giveaway
  14. Writing Prompts
  15. Coupon Code to Your Product