How to Drive Traffic to Your TPT Shop


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Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace for teachers to purchase and sell learning resources. You can learn how to open an TPT store here.

Social Media Marketing

Promoting your TPT products on social media will help drive traffic and engage followers of your shop. We recommend creating accounts with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media Branding

When visitors see you on social media, they should be able to recognize the images used for your profiles. A cohesive look is important.  As you create new accounts, try to use the same name and profile image whenever possible.

To quickly check if your name has been taken across social media sites, you can use the site KnowEm.

Tools for Social Media Management

Tailwind is a powerful tool that helps you upload bulk images and pin to multiple boards on Pinterest. Using the drag-and-drop calendar, you can schedule pins and posts in advance. You can automatically send posts from your Instagram account to Pinterest.

Create a Blog

What is the Best Blogging Platform?

Many successful TPT sellers promote their products using a blog. There are many different blogging platforms. Before starting with a platform, you will want to determine if you’d like to earn money online with affiliate marketing.


  • You can create custom page layouts using text blocks, headings, images, and videos. Knowledge of coding is not required.
  • Divide your pages into columns and rows using built-in drag-and-drop builder tool.
  • Weebly does not have an option to backup and/or export your blog posts and images. You’ll need to keep a manual backup of your content using a word processor. (This is the main reason that we do not recommend Weebly if you’ll be writing blog posts on a regular basis.)
  • Weebly has a free version but you will need to upgrade your plan if you want additional features such as a custom domain.


  • Your layout will be restricted to how the template is coded.  However, you’ll still be able to drag-and-drop gadgets into some areas of the layout such as the sidebar and footer areas.
  • There is no cost to using the Blogger platform. If you’d like to have a custom domain, you’ll need to purchase one for $10-$15.
  • You will need to download backups of your content on a regular basis. and

  • There are two versions of WordPress that you can read about here. You can get started with a hosting package for as little as $3.95 per month.
  • Built-in export feature so you can create backups of your blog posts, pages, and media.
  • You can expand the layout options by installing either the Beaver Builder Lite or Elementor plugins.
  • With Business plans and sites, you can install plugins. Plugins offer extra features and custom functions. You can view the WordPress Plugin Directory here.

Purchasing a Domain

You will want to purchase a custom domain. You should also consider purchasing the .com, .org, and .net versions of your shop/business name. This will help prevent someone else from purchasing the domain before you!

Network with Teacher Bloggers

1. Join a Blog Hop or Linky

A blog hop or linky is a great way to share your content and get blog traffic. There are various methods for hosting or participating in one. Typically a blog (or group of blogs) will host the blog hop and choose a specific topic to write about. They will write an introduction post that explains the purpose of the blog hop and what they would like to share. At the bottom of their post, you’ll see links or linked thumbnail images to other blogs that are also participating


2. Join or Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are typically hosted among a group of teacher bloggers. Prizes can include gift cards and/or free products. You can request that participants follow you on social media, subscribe to your email list, and/or complete tasks such as commenting on your blog.

3. Write Guest Posts

Find teacher blogs that have a strong social following and have a lot of activity in the post comments section. Focus on blogs that have content similar to your own so their audience is more likely to engage with your guest post content. It will help if you build a relationship with the blog owner prior to pitching your guest post idea.

In addition to getting a link back to your own blog (and maybe social media pages), you’ll have an opportunity to interact with readers through blog comments.

4. Write Reviews of Teacher Products

Are there products that you’ve found useful and would like to recommend to other teachers? Review products from TPT and share your review with the shop owner. They might share your review with their followers on social media

Create an Email List

Send subscribers news about new products, sales, and other updates using an email list. Offer a free  downloadable PDF or printable resource to your subscribers. Be careful to not push your products too much. Focus on high quality content that your audience will find helpful.

We recommend an email list through Mailchimp so that you have more control over your communications. With an email list, you can automate when your emails are delivered. You’ll gain access to reports about how users interact with your emails.

Build your blog audience using embedded forms and automated emails to your subscribers.

Make Videos

Another great method to promote your TPT products is to make videos. Show your products in action and how they can be purchased. You can post your videos on social media and your blog to get more views.