Commercial-Use Fonts: Font Bundles Membership Review


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What is Font Bundles

Font Bundles Membership offers an impressive collection of commercial-use fonts, making it an essential toolkit for designers, businesses, and crafters. This review aims to provide insights into the three membership tiers that Font Bundles offers.

For those in the creative field, there is no such thing as too many design assets or sources of inspiration. The perfect creative element, such as a trendy font, can ignite that initial flare you need to kickstart a project.

However, you have likely experienced this familiar scenario: stumbling upon an ideal font only to be taken aback by its hefty price tag. Many often question the rationale behind shelling out a significant amount for professional fonts, settling for mundane or inferior options. But, good news! There’s a solution that will help you secure trendy professional fonts without burning a hole in your pocket.

Top Reasons to Use Font Bundles

Affordable Fonts for Crafters, Designers, and Businesses

Font Bundles features premium and free fonts curated from collections by talented independent designers. Regular deals up to 96% off make bulk font purchases simple and cost-effective.

Access to Exclusive Fonts

With thousands of commercial-use fonts available for download, users can choose from quirky handwritten fonts to elegant script fonts and everything in between.

Promise of Authenticity

Shop worry-free by knowing that Font Bundles ensures members get authentic, top-tier products.

Build Your Design Resources

A membership to Font Bundles does not stop at just fonts. Use it to purchase discounted design assets such as graphics, craft files, templates, and Procreate tools from their sister site, Design Bundles.

Licensing Simplicity

Fonts can either be free or require a purchase for commercial use. Regardless of how you obtain a font, it has a license outlining the allowed and prohibited uses. This license, the End User License Agreement (EULA), details your responsibilities and permissions.

Commercial licensing can be complicated. Font Bundles simplifies this process, making using fonts in commercial projects easy.

Saving Big on Commercial-Use Fonts

Compared to buying individual fonts, the Plus membership offers significant cost savings.

  • Take advantage of the massive library of free commercial-use fonts.

To get a sense of the vast font selection provided by Font Bundles, browse the section on free font downloads. These free fonts come with a commercial use license, making them even more valuable for your creative projects.

  • Purchase single fonts from a designer’s shop.

Purchasing single fonts is the least cost-effective option for building your design library. However, you can find thousands of single fonts with a commercial use license for under $10.

  • Purchase a font bundle from a designer’s shop.

They are often offered at a discount and grouped by theme or style. Some designers will have a collection of their top sellers or every font sold by year.

  • Purchase a font bundle from the Font Bundles Deals section.

The Font Bundles Deals page features single fonts and bundles that are on sale.

  • Purchase single fonts or bundles during the monthly Dollar Deal Event.

This deal is typically on the last Wednesday of each month for one hour. However, if you become a Plus Member, you will have access for up to 24 hours.

  • As a Plus Member, you can use credits to download exclusive Plus products.

With a Plus Basic subscription, you’ll receive 10 credits each month, while the Plus Pro subscription grants you 50 credits. Opting for the Plus Unlimited subscription means enjoying unlimited downloads of Plus products. Remember, credits are replenished monthly, and most Plus products require just 1 credit.

Font Bundles Membership

Save 20% by paying yearly.




For emerging designers
and businesses.

  • 10 credits a month to spend on exclusive Plus Products
  • Access to Dollar Deal After Parties
  • 10% off full-priced marketplace products and events




For seasoned designers
and businesses.

  • 50 credits a month to spend on exclusive Plus Products
  • Access to Dollar Deal After Parties
  • 15% off full-priced marketplace products and events
  • Corporate and POD License with Plus Products
  • Access to DesignScape graphic editing software
  • Access to Pixascape photo editing software




For elite designers, agencies, and

  • Unlimited downloads of exclusive Plus Products
  • Access to Dollar Deal After Parties
  • 15% off full-priced marketplace products and events
  • Corporate and POD License with Plus Products
  • Access to DesignScape graphic editing software
  • Access to Pixascape photo editing software
  • Access to Illustrate AI art generator

What Are Exclusive Plus Products? and are sister sites. By becoming a Plus Member, you gain the advantage of using your Plus credits on both platforms. This seamless integration allows you to make the most out of your membership across both sites.

Plus credits can be used to purchase the following:

  • 65,000+ SVGs
  • 21,000+ Sublimation
  • 15,000+ Paper Cutting
  • 3000+ Product Mockups
  • 50,000+ Illustrations
  • 4,000+ Digital Patterns
  • 500+ Procreate Brushes
  • 12,000+ Fonts

What are the benefits of the Plus Unlimited subscription?

Font Bundles offers a cost-effective subscription model perfect for crafters and designers. There are three membership options: Basic, Pro, and Unlimited.

Unlimited Plus Library Downloads

The Plus Unlimited subscription includes unlimited downloads of Plus products.

Discount on Full-priced Products

Not only do you get to enjoy savings on exclusive Plus products, but you also receive a 15% discount on full-priced products on the Font Bundles and Design Bundles sites.

Dollar Deals After Party

Each Plus subscription level offers an extended purchasing window for Dollar Deals. Typically, these limited-time offers can easily slip through your fingers. But fear not! Plus members enjoy an additional 24 hours to grab these deals. Even if the Dollar Deal products are sold out to non-members, Plus members can still snag the deal.

Access to Software

Unlimited Plus subscribers get access to DesignScape graphic editing software, Pixascape photo editing software, and Illustrate AI art generator.

Should You Become an Unlimited Plus Member?

If you’re new to exploring craft files, fonts, and other creative projects, we suggest holding off on subscribing to the highest plan. Take some time to assess your needs and get familiar with the types of files that suit your preferences. This will help you make a more informed decision.

We recommend the Unlimited Plus subscription for:

  • Crafters that sell their designs
  • Established graphic and web designers
  • Businesses that will design their own branding, social media images, newsletters, etc.
Is there a free trial for the Font Bundles Plus subscription?

Currently, there is no free trial period for the Plus Subscription. After creating a free account, you can download free design assets and non-Plus products.

Can you cancel a Plus subscription?

Yes. While you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time, it is advisable to utilize all your credits before initiating the cancellation. Additionally, ensure that you download your files and store them in a secure location, such as a Dropbox account. Once the cancellation is processed, access to any previously purchased Plus products will no longer be available.

Is there a coupon code or discount for the Plus subscription?

Yes. You can save 20% by paying for your Font Bundles Membership annually.

Currently, the Unlimited Plus subscription is $24.99/month or $239.90/yearly. No coupon code is needed for this savings. When we contacted their support team to confirm when the price will return to $29.99/month and $287.90/yearly, they did not give a date.

Can you stack discounts?

Basic Plus members get to enjoy a 10% discount on full-priced products on the Font Bundles and Design Bundles sites. Pro and Unlimited members receive a 15% discount.

Discount codes are occasionally sent via email or displayed in your account. They cannot be combined with the 10-15% Plus discounts.

Do all shops contribute products to the Plus library?

The Plus library features a curated collection of products, combining exclusive Plus-only items with popular products from designers on the Font Bundles and Design Bundles platforms. Designers are selectively invited to contribute their best-selling products to the library, meaning not all designers will be included. 

Look for “Available with Plus” banners on product preview images when browsing your favorite shops. You can also filter search results to show only Plus products.

Sign up for Unlimited PLUS to get access to over 455,744+ exclusive products.

* Billed at $24.99/month or $239.90/year. Membership is only required if you want access to PLUS products.