50+ Blog Post Writing Prompts for Teachers


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Are you a teacher blogger looking for ideas about what to write on your blog? Sometimes you might experience writer’s block or it can be difficult to commit to writing on your blog with any regularity. To help you plan your 2022 blogging calendar, here are 50+ blog post prompts for teachers. Several of the posts have opportunities to include affiliate links so you can earn money from your posts.

Writing Prompts for Teacher Bloggers

  1. Things You Might Not Know About Me
  2. Things I Wish I Had Done Differently My First Year Teaching
  3. Top ‘X’ Must Haves for Teaching [grade level or school subject]
  4. Celebrate a Teaching Anniversary
  5. My [year] Classroom Tour
  6. My Bulletin Board Display for [blank]
  7. My [year] in Review
  8. My Classroom Goals for [year]
  9. Top ‘X’ Tips for New Teachers
  10. Q & A Post
  11. ‘X’ DIY Tips for Classroom Organization
  12. Blog Post or Favorite Blogs Roundup
  13. Prediction Post (What products will be hot? What do you expect to see trending?)
  14. Why I Don’t Do [blank]
  15. Case Study
  16. Product Comparison
  17. I Tried/Experiment Posts
  18. Top ‘X’ Free Online Resources for [grade level or school subject]
  19. What I Learned from [course or conference]
  20. My Favorite Wardrobe Pieces
  21. My Favorite Products on Teachers Pay Teachers
  22. An Open Letter
  23. Thoughts About an Inspirational YouTube Video
  24. Top ‘X’ Tips for Dealing with [blank]
  25. My Approach to Parent Communication
  26. My Favorite Free Personal Development Resources
  27. My Daily Routine as a [grade level] Teacher
  28. What I Did Before I Became a Teacher
  29. ‘X’ Healthy Lunch Ideas for Busy Teachers
  30. Top ‘X’ Interview Tips for Teachers
  31. What to Include in a Teacher Portfolio
  32. ‘X’ Ways to Save Money in Your Classroom
  33. ‘X’ Ways to Stay Motivated as a Teacher
  34. Why I Became a Teacher
  35. My Experience Teaching in a [public or private] School
  36. ‘X’ Ways to Help Your Children Stay Organized
  37. My Reading Recommendations for [summer, grade level, school subject]
  38. ‘X’ Tips for Keeping a Positive Mindset in the Classroom
  39. How I Integrate Technology into the Classroom
  40. How Parents Can Help with Fundraising
  41. The Highlight of the Last School Year
  42. Funniest Things Said by My Students in [month or year]
  43. Funniest Excuses for Not Completing Homework
  44. Recommended Study Methods for Students in [grade level]
  45. ‘X’ Blogging Tools for Teacher Bloggers
  46. TPT Product Roundup for Holiday or Theme
  47. Interview Bloggers and/or TPT Sellers You Admire
  48. The Mistake I Made and What I Learned from It
  49. Why I Use [Weebly, Blogger, WordPress] for My Blog
  50. What I Did on [fall, winter, spring, summer] Break