How to Add Posts to Categories in WordPress

Feb 21, 2020 | WordPress Tutorials

In this WordPress tutorial, you will learn the difference between categories and tags. If you need more information about how to create a post in WordPress, you can review this tutorial.

What are Categories and Tags?


Categories in WordPress are used to group content about broad topics. By using categories on your blog, you will help visitors and search engines understand what content is available on your site.

You can have parent and children categories. Subcategories can only be assigned to one parent category.

For example, if you have a teacher blog, you could have a parent category called Lesson Plans. This category could have subcategories such as Grade Level and Subject.


Posts can also have tags. Although tags are optional, they are considered important to help visitors find posts using keywords.  Using the Lesson Plans category and Subject (English Language Arts) subcategory, you could have the following tags: Creative Writing, Poetry, and Vocabulary.

Tags can be used across multiple categories.

Although you can have thousands of tags assigned to your blog posts, they should be used to help visitors navigate groupings of posts. Use keywords that make it clear what the post is about rather than random words mentioned in your posts.


How Many Categories Should I Have?

As many as you need to best help visitors and search engines find your content. If your blog is new, start with a few main categories that are broad. As you content grows and changes, adjust your categories and subcategories to fit.


How to Create a Category

Step 1: From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Posts > Categories.

Categories WordPress Tutorial

Step 2: Add a Category Name.

Step 3: Add a Slug Name. By default, the slug will be identical to the category name that you pick. The slug is what will appear in the URL.

Step 4: If you are creating a Parent Category, you can move on to saving your category. If you would like to create a subcategory (child), then you will pick the Parent Category from the drop-down options.

TIP! You can use tags instead of subcategories. If you find that you have many posts listed under your tags, you can always change your tags into subcategories later.

Step 5: Click Add New Category button.

Create a Category WordPress

After you create a category, it will appear on the right. The number of posts assigned to a particular category appear under the Count column. If you do not assign a post to a category, it will automatically appear under Uncategorized.

WordPress Category Examples

How to Create a Tag

Step 1: From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Posts > Tags.

Step 2: Repeat the steps for creating a category.


How to Assign Posts to Categories

We will go over three ways to assign posts to categories.


Method 1

Step 1: From the WordPress Dashboard, go to All Posts.

Step 2: You will see a list of every post that you have written. Checkmark all of the posts that you would like to assign to a new category.

Step 3: At the top, select Edit from the drop-down options and click Apply. This will allow you to bulk edit multiple posts at once.

Assign Post to Category

Step 4: On the left column, you will see all of the posts that you have selected. Check the category that you would like to assign your posts to and then click Update.

Change WordPress Category

This method can help you quickly change multiple posts at once. However, if you already had posts assigned to another category or listed under Uncategorized, it will now show that the posts are organized under multiple categories.


Method 2

Step 1: From the WordPress Dashboard, go to All Posts.

Step 2: Find a post that you would like to change and hover your mouse over the title. Click Quick Edit.

Step 3: Assign or change the category and click Update.


Method 3

Step 1: From the WordPress Dashboard, go to All Posts.

Step 2: Find a post that you would like to change and hover your mouse over the title. Click Edit. This will open the post editor.

Step 3: On the right column, go to Categories and make a selection or click Add New Category.

How to Assign Posts to Tags

Follow the three methods explained for adding categories. Options for adding tags are on the same screens. The only difference is that you need to type the tag into the box. If you’ve already used the tag before, you’ll see it appear as you begin typing.

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