How to Use Labels in Menu or Sidebar

Jul 16, 2019 | Blogger Tutorials

Unlike pages, posts can be organized into a searchable archive using labels. Labels are like categories. When you assign labels to your posts, you can create links in your navigation menu and sidebar that direct readers to every post within an assigned label. The most recent post will be displayed first.

Let’s look at an example.

A teacher wants to create a section on her blog where students can view homework help tips.

Create a Label for Homework Help Posts

1. From your Blogger Dashboard, click Posts > New Post                                

2. On the right column of your post editor window, you will see an option called Labels. Type the label(s) that you would like to use.

Tip! If you create labels with different spellings or variations of lowercase and uppercase letters, you’ll create separate labels for each variation. You’ll find that some of your posts are missing under the label you intend to use.

Create Blogger Labels

How to Find Direct Link to a Label

You can find the direct link to your new label by going to the bottom of your published post and hovering your mouse over the link. Right-mouse click and copy the link. It will look similar to this example:

Label link sample

Add Label Link to Menu

You can add label links to your navigation menu by going to Layout and selecting the Pages Widget that is already installed with your Albemarle PR template. You will need to use the External Link option when adding your label link. Follow this tutorial to learn how to add pages, labels, and other websites to your menu.

Use a Label Widget in the Sidebar

Blogger already includes a Label Widget that you can find under Layout. This widget can be organized alphabetically or by frequency. You can also choose to display every label that you have created or only some. Unfortunately, the settings do not include an option to manually select the order that labels are listed.

Labels gadget

Use a Link List Widget in the Sidebar

Remember how we created the direct label link earlier? You can use label links and add them to the Link List widget. With this option, you can organize the order that your labels appear. You just need to create a link title and paste the label link.

Link List Sample

Use the Blog Archive Widget

Although labels can make it easier for readers to browse your site content, in some cases you will not need to use labels. You can use the Blog Archive Widget to display a list of posts in the sidebar. Posts can be displayed by day, week, or month. The most recent posts will be displayed at the top of the archive list.


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