Life of Fred BooksA few weeks ago, I was talking with family members about how we were taught math. I was given worksheet after worksheet from K through 12th grade. I was told to get through the problems as quickly as possible so I’d be ready for the SATs. When I heard about a popular math books series for kids, I had to learn more…The Life of Fred Elementary Series teaches how to use math by providing everyday examples. Fred Gauss is a child genius that teaches at Kittens University. He sleeps under his desk and has a doll named Kingie. Each chapter has an engaging and often humorous story that requires Fred to use math. The stories help children visualize problems.

Rather than requiring an endless set of practice problems, each chapter has a Your Turn to Play section with a few problems. Your child is encouraged to answer questions before moving onto the next lesson. Children can work with a parent or independently.

The books are black and white and have gloss-film laminated hardcovers. These are not workbooks with write-in sections for answers. This means the books can be reused. You can view a sample of Life of Fred (PDF) here.

Life of Fred CalculusFor more advanced lessons, Fred guides readers through middle to college level lessons. The more advanced concepts are covered in the Fred College Math Series.

Looking for more curriculum materials? The Life of Fred Series can also be found in select curriculum bundles.