Why are wrong fonts appearing on posts?

Aug 15, 2017 | Blogger Tutorials

Have you noticed that the posts on your Blogger site have multiple fonts or the font sizes vary? Are you seeing odd formatting on the posts?

When you copy and paste text from Microsoft Word or another website, you could be transferring code into your Blogger post. The result of copying and pasting from Microsoft Word or another website might look OK when you view your site. Maybe you like the extra formatting or font variation. You should avoid it, though, for the following reasons:

(1) The extra code can override the template code and cause unexpected results. On a mobile phone, it can get messy!

(2) Even though you picked specific fonts, your readers might not be able to see them. Fonts must be coded into a template in case your readers don’t have the same fonts on their computer.

Example: Text Pasted From Microsoft Word

Let’s take a look at an example of what happens when you copy text from Microsoft Word into your Blogger post. The first issue is that styling code for a table appears in the pasted code. (So that entire section called Style Definitions shouldn’t be there.) When you look closer to where the Latin demo text appears, you’ll see that the code changes the font family to Comic Sans MS.


Text from Microsoft Word

Paste Text the Correct Way

Option 1: Paste the text into a Notepad document and then re-copy the text. When you paste it into Blogger, it will only include the text.

Option 2: Paste the text into the HTML tab on your Blogger post editor.  You can switch back to the Compose tab to continue editing your text.

Paste in HTML tab


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