How to Move or Copy Sections on Weebly

Jul 7, 2017 | Weebly Tutorials

With Weebly 4, you can create a custom layout using Build elements or build a page using premade layouts called Sections. As you create layouts, you will likely find that you want to use the same layout on multiple pages.

How to Move or Copy an Element

When you hover your mouse over an element, an arrow will appear. Click the arrow to view the move and copy options. Select Move if you want to move the element to another page. If you want to use the same element multiple times on the page you’re working on, choose Copy.

Copy or Move Weebly Element

How to Move Multiple Elements

Older Weebly templates allowed you to choose premade layouts for an entire page. With the release of Weebly 4, this option was replaced with Sections. Sections can be stacked in rows so that you can build an entire page layout. The premade layouts for sections are limited, so you will likely prefer to build your own using Build elements.

After you build a section, you can copy the entire section to another page or copy the section to another part of the same page.

Step 1: Click on a blank area of the Section.


Move Weebly Section


Step 2: Select the Move button.

Step 3: Select Move if you want to change the location of the Section to another location on the current page or to another page. If you want to make a duplicate of the Section, choose Copy.


Move Weebly Section

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