How to Create a Layout Library on Weebly

Jul 7, 2017 | Weebly Tutorials

When Weebly 4 was released, a new build feature called Sections was introduced. A section contains Build elements. Creating a Library Template Page is a helpful way to keep a backup of your custom sections. You can create multiple template pages for layouts that you plan to use again.

Create a Library Template Page

Step 1: Go to the Pages tab and add a new Standard Page. Name the page with a title that describes the layout.


Add a Weebly Page


Step 2: Click the new page on the left column. Check the box for Hide in Navigation.


Hide Weebly Menu Link


Step 3: Select the SEO Settings button.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the settings and check the box for Hide this page from search engines.


Hide Page from Search Engines


Create Your Layout

You can build your layout on the template page or copy an existing section.

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+ How to Move or Copy Sections on Weebly


Placeholder Text and Images

For placeholder text, you can visit Lorem Ipsum.  You can download the images below to use as image placeholders. Weebly will automatically resize images when you create columns.

Click the download link and right-mouse click to Save the image.

1140 x 450 Download

750 x 500 Download

345 x 260 Download

300 x 300 Download

300 x 200 Download