How to Create Pages and Menu Tabs on Weebly

Jun 30, 2017 | Weebly Tutorials

Step 1: From your Weebly Dashboard, go to the Pages tab.

Step 2: Click the + icon.


Add a New Weebly Page


Step 3: Choose your page type from the menu that appears.


Weebly Page Types


Standard Page

This will create a blank page. You can use Weebly’s build elements to create a custom page layout.

  • Used for info that is not updated often
  • Content can be condensed into one page or less

Examples: About Me, Parent/Student Resources, Contact

Blog Page

Use a blog page to create an archive of blog posts.

  • Updated frequently
  • Option to organize into categories
  • Most recent post appears first
  • Automatically added into an archive

Examples: Weekly News, Product Reviews, Lesson Plans, TPT product info

External Page

This will create a clickable menu link to a page that is not part of your Weebly site. This is helpful if you’d like to link to your Teachers Pay Teachers shop or school site.

Non-clickable Menu

If you would like to create a drop-down menu, use this page type to create a menu tab that is not clickable.



Step 4: Organize your pages on the menu tab.

Set Front Page

The first page on the left column will automatically appear as the front page of your site. The title does not have to be “Home.” You can also use the Blog Page as your front page.

Change Page Order

You can change the order of your pages by clicking and dragging the boxes on the left column.

Create Drop-down Tabs

In the screenshot below, you’ll see that a Non-clickable Menu Page is used for the “Drop-down Example” tab on the menu. (Note that it has a different icon than the rest of the pages.) The Sample page is a drop-down menu tab. To create a drop-down tab, move the page over to the right.


Weebly page order


Step 5: Hide a page from the menu tab by clicking the page on the left column. Check the box labeled Hide in Navigation.


Hide Weebly Menu Tab