What is the Genesis Framework?

Oct 4, 2016 | WordPress Tutorials

A framework is similar to a code library that uses pre-defined code as a starter for a custom theme. We love the flexibility that Genesis provides us for our custom themes. In addition to the child themes that we’ve designed, we also offer services for customizing existing child themes from Studiopress.

Why Do We Use the Genesis Framework?

Updates & Security

The Genesis Framework is maintained by a team of developers from Studiopress. Genesis is used by 200,000+ site owners and has a large community of developers that provide feedback.

From your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll be able to run Genesis updates without needing to contact Albemarle PR. Regular updates are essential to keep your site secure and running smoothly. When an update is released, it will not impact the custom styling of your child theme.


There are many plugins that are designed just for the Genesis Framework. It is also compatible with plugins found in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Search Engine Optimization

Although the Genesis Framework is packed with features, the code is lightweight. Posts and categories are structured to enhance your site’s search engine optimization.


Genesis uses HTML5 so that your site is compatible with future web changes. It ensures cross-browser compatibitiliy and makes your site mobile-friendly.

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