How to Add Albemarle PR as an Admin

Oct 3, 2016 | Blogger Tutorials

Albemarle PR offers templates that can be installed by you (called Instant Download) and templates that must be installed by us. We also offer free installation for our instant download templates if you need assistance.

To install templates, you must add Albemarle PR as an Admin on your site. You must send us an invite to join your site as an author before you can upgrade us to an admin.

1. From the Blogger Dashboard, click the Settings tab.

Add Admin to Blogger


2. Click Add Authors link.

3. Type the email address associated with the person you need to add as an author. Click Invite Authors. (To add Albemarle PR, use [email protected] for the email address.)

4. After you add the email address, you’ll see the text “1 open invitations.” An email will be sent to the address that you added. Once the recipient receives the email and accepts the invitation, you will see the email address listed with an Author permission level.

There’s one additional step…

5. To change the permission level from Author to Admin, select the drop-down menu to the right of the email address. Select Admin.

Please send us an email when you’ve upgraded us from an author to an admin.