Customize Colors and Fonts for Blogger

Oct 2, 2016 | Blogger Tutorials

Albemarle PR offers Instant Download Templates and Semi-Custom Templates for Blogger. Our Semi-Custom Templates include a custom header image, so you will not be able to change the blog title and description using the Blogger Template Designer.

Using the Blogger Template Designer, you can change the colors and/or fonts used for the following areas:

– Blog Title Color and Font (Only for Instant Download Templates)
– Blog Description Text Color and Font (Only for Instant Download Templates)
– Menu Background Color
– Credits Background Color
– Post and Widget Title Colors and Fonts
– Credits Area Background Color
– Menu Links
– Link Color
– Body Text Color and Font
– Connect and Share Icon Color

Customize Colors and Fonts


1. Go to Template and select Customize.

Custom Blogger

2. Click the Advanced tab and select any changes you would like.

Blogger Custom Settings

3. Do not click Save unless you’re sure that you like the changes shown in the preview. There is not an undo option after you save.